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Hypertension Management


Provide hypertension Education and treatment to patients in the Cold Lake area with the aim to assist patients to:
• Improve disease understanding
• Improve blood pressure control
• Improve patient quality of life and reduce overall cardiovascular risk.

Visit Descriptions

Visit One

ABPM will be arranged by referring physician to the PCN prior to the patient appointment. The patient will be fitted with the device and information logged into the PCN database if the first visit on the 24 hour blood pressure monitoring set up.
• Patient history form completed
• Risk factor assessment and Framingham's score
• Medication evaluation and symptom assessment
• Routine laboratory tests requisition given
• Have patient arrange eye exam yearly
• What is hypertension?
• Lifestyle factor modification and BMI
• Medication review
• Goal setting
• Referral to specialty service if required

Visit Two (within 4- 12 weeks of initial visit)

• Blood pressure check
• Review of laboratory tests, lifestyle factors and BMI
• Tolerance of medication and adherence, refill of medications as needed
• Consider stress test if warranted​
• Summary note/checklist to physician
• Client reassessment arranged with minimum review at 6 months (final Quality of Life survey implemented at 6 months)