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Expression of Interest
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[North Zone Primary Care Network Business Practice Alignment]

[North Zone Primary Care Committee]

PROPOSALS DUE BY: [August 16, 2021]


With Ministerial Order 305/2017, Alberta Health established the Provincial Primary Care Network (PCN) Committee and five Zone PCN Committees. The Zone PCN Committees provide advice to the Minister, through the Provincial PCN Committee, on PCN issues.  Each Zone PCN committee is responsible for developing their Zone Service Plan with the three goals of alignment, integration and shared services.

The North Zone (NZ) Primary Care Network Committee has representatives from the 11 Primary Care Networks and Alberta Health Services (AHS) North Zone Senior Leaders.   The committee is led by a PCN/AHS dyad with secretariat assistance from the Zone Support Team.  The NZ forms the largest geographical health service zone in Alberta. 

Eleven PCNs in the North Zone have many disparate and different business practices, policies, and procedures which makes it challenging for all stakeholders (funders, governance, operations) involved in zone activities. Human resource (performance management, compensation/benefits, policies/procedures, recruitment and retention) and business continuity (risk management) are specific areas of focus for alignment, standardization or consolidation.

The NZ PCN Committee is requesting proposals from qualified and experienced Consultants to assess and recommend opportunities for improvement in human resource and business continuity practices and procedures of the primary care networks.

Project Overview

Human resource policies, processes and practices are different across the PCNs, and there is opportunity to:

The North Zone Primary Care Committee requires a strong, experienced consultant to undertake the following activities:

Scope of Work

Utilizing their depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise in human resources and operations management, the consultant will:

The nature of the contractual relationship is a minimum of 4 months up to a maximum of 9 months.  The work may be conducted remotely and in-person (if required, upon approval to incur expenses)

A deliverable schedule will be developed in consultation with the successful candidate.  The expected deliverables include: 

Evaluation Metrics

The North Zone EOI assessment team will evaluate the expressions of interest based on the following criteria:

Submission requirements

Contact Information

For questions or concerns connected to this EOI:

[Ping Mason-Lai, NZ Project Manager]