Did you know? January – Quit Smoking Resolution

Have you made any health and wellness Resolutions for 2022?

Despite the difficulty, deciding to stop smoking is one of the most common, potentially beneficial and consistently challenging resolutions.
When you quit smoking, your body starts to heal itself almost immediately and you decrease you risk of cancer, respiratory disease and stress on your heart!

Let’s take a look at what happens, even from the moment you make the decision to quit…

• After 20 minutes…
Your blood pressure drops to a level similar to that before your last cigarette.
• After 1 day…
Your risk of having a heart attack starts to drop.
• After 1 year…
Your risk of coronary heart disease is reduced by half compared to when you last smoked.
• After 5 years…
You have the same chance of having a stroke as a non-smoker.
• After 10 years…
Your chance of dying from lung cancer is greatly reduced.

Ready to quit? Or thinking about it?

• Contact the AlbertaQuits helpline which is FREE for all residents of Alberta, open from 8AM to 8PM seven days a week. Call toll-free at 1-866-710-7848 to receive confidential, non-judgemental support from Quit
Counsellors. They will help you deal with cravings and help you stay motivated.
• Check out AlbertaQuits by Text which is a FREE 3-month text messaging program that delivers motivational messages, advice and tips to your cell to help you quit.
• You can also try QuitCore which is a FREE group support program that provides Albertans (18+) with the tools and skills they need to quit using tobacco. As a part of Quitcore, you will join six 90-minute sessions that
are guided by a trained facilitator. If you would like to attend a Quitcore group, call the AlbertaQuits Helpline at 1-866-710-7848 and a counsellor will help you find and register for an upcoming group.