Drinking 8oz of Water a Day Can Decrease Your Chance of a Heart Attack

Drink 8oz of Water Everyday

  • Lower the risk – 41% decrease in women, and 54% decrease in men
  • Dehydration can cause sluggish blood flow and an increased chance of blood clots
  • Drinking 8oz of water every 2 hours will meet and may even exceed your water goal for the day, and those extra trips to the tap are good for your heart
  • No, coffee does not count toward your daily water goal. Coffee is a diuretic which means it flushes excess fluid from your body (which may cause dehydration)
  • Coffee is full of health benefits though, including caffeine. Drinking 1-3 cups of coffee per day has been shown to decrease hospitalizations due to irregular heart rhythms by 20%
  • No, soda does not count toward your water daily water goal. Both regular and diet soda have been linked to a 30% increase in cardiovascular event by drinking only 2 diet sodas a day
  • Men who drink just 1 can of soda a day increase the chance of a heart attack by 20%
  • Drink your water and get moving to keep your heart healthy