Nurse Practitioner – Family Provider

With the growing complexity of health care and limited availability of Family Physicians, many patients are seeing Family Nurse Practitioners for their primary care needs.

Nurse Practitioners are independent health care professionals with advanced nursing practice. NPs are similar to Family Physicians in that both diagnose, treat and manage acute and chronic diseases, order and interpret labs and diagnostic tests and prescribe medications for patients from childhood to adulthood.

The Cold Lake PCN Nurse Practitioners work independently and manage their own patient panels. They often work closely with our local Family Physicians and other health professions in order to provide the most comprehensive care and management as well as ensure continuity of care throughout the patient journey.


Primary Care Visits with the Nurse Practitioner

​The Cold Lake Primary Care Network is a Nurse Practitioner based clinic. The Nurse Practitioners see patients who do not have a Family Doctor. A Nurse Practitioner can help with many health care needs.

Nurse Practitioners can help with...
  • Routine health check-ups (infant to elderly)
  • Care for most illness & concerns
  • Chronic disease management
  • Diagnosis of a disorder or disease
  • Referrals to Specialists
  • Order & interpret screening & diagnostic tests
  • Recommend, prescribe or refill medications
  • and more

Priority is given to patients in our catchment area.  Please see our FAQ page for a list of communities included in our catchment area.