Centralized Walk-In Clinic

Address & Hours of Operation

Main PCN Clinic
314 25th Street (Cold Lake Healthcare Centre – 2nd floor)
Cold Lake
T9M 1G6

Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday 9am – 4pm (Physician-led)
Friday 9am -12pm (Nurse Practitioner-Led)

What You Need To Know
  • The Centralized Walk-In Clinic does not accept registration over the phone. Patients must be in-person to book an appointment.
  • Line up at the window after 8:30am Monday to Friday
  • You will be given a numbered registration form
  • Have a seat and wait to be called in
  • Only those booked after 1pm will be asked to leave and return later
  • Babies 0-24 months will be given priority
  • Walk-In appointments are for one concern only, as these are 15 minute appointments
  • A healthcare card and photo ID is required for every appointment
  • Abusive language or behaviour will not be tolerated. You will be instructed to leave.

Hospital Doors do not open until 8am.

Questions? 780-639-0011

Examples of Services Provided
  • Prescription refills (non-narcotic)
  • Ear aches
  • Sprains & Strains
  • STI testing
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Results reviewed
  • Non-Emergent / Non-Chronic Issues
  • Short forms (not guaranteed)
  • Long forms (not guaranteed)